Free Facebook Hack Tool
This tool allows users to hack any Facebook account completely for free. All you have to do is enter in your targets facebook url and press generate. From there, you just let the generator do its work. After that, you will complete a human verifaction test and a hacked username and password will be emailed to you. It's that easy! Please only do this one time per person every 24 hours as Facebook may catch on to our algorithm.

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One of my good friends gave me this site and for first i thought that this is some kind of joke :D but then i used it and this really worked! <3

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Wow this worked! I am going to mess with my friends so hard!

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Can't believe this actually worked. Now for some sweet revenge. Thanks for sharing!

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bySankah Officiel

Maintenant, je peux lire mes amis facebook!

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Lui Calibre

Haha! Im soooo happy this worked.

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Wow this actually worked..... I'm very surprised Facebook hasn't taken this down yet

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Thank you very much this really worked for me too! I did it and got someones username and password.. lol

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Holy crap this worked, Im going to post some silly stuff on my friends facebook!

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Johny Moe

Cool stuff! it actually worked guys. thanks for sharing this site

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Michael Jeronymo

This is awesome.

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Thanks for sharing this service. Very surprised it actually worked.

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FINALLY! A service that actually works. I don't have to waste my money anymore. :)))